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Healing Stories

Music and soothing sounds can be healing, even to imagine!

Ten year-old June was hospitalized in critical condition with total liver failure. June has been diagnosed with a hereditary liver disease, and tests showed no blood was circulating through her liver. In fact blood was running backwards out of the liver. Her condition was complicated by cholangitis, an infection of the common bile duct. Without blood circulating through her liver, the antibiotics could not reach the infection.

June’s name and story were sent along with a request for healing prayers and toning. The request was accompanied by this comment:

Unless she has rapid improvement, she will go to the head of the list for an emergency liver transplant.

Two days later:

GREAT news! June’s liver has cleared up! She has had a major turn-around in 24 hours! Short answer—the infection had blocked the liver. Now that she has had 2 days of antibiotics, the infection is clearing up, and her liver is starting to function normally again! This seems like a miracle to us as her doctors feared that the antibiotics would not be able to make it to her liver.

The next day:

More great news about June!!! Her lab results confirm that her body chemistry has returned to her “normals.” She is having a liver biopsy this afternoon to help with placement on the liver transplant waiting list, then the plans are for her to go home tomorrow. She will have all kinds of lines, tubes and medications going home with her and will most likely be tutored at home for the rest of the school year.

Her medical team is absolutely dumbstruck over how rapidly she improved!!! This morning they told her parents to give thanks for a miracle. June keeps telling everyone that her Aunt Jill’s friend, Miss Roz, had her friends “sing to her liver to make it better” and she is now often humming to herself. Don’t you just love it when a child instinctively knows that humming will help with healing?

I wrote to Roz, asking permission to have June’s story shared on www.ImagineHealing.info so you can know you can heal, too. This is what June had to say about my request:

Hi Debra,

The website sounds inspired, possibly by personal experience? I just talked to June about her comment going on a website. I could hear her beaming when she told me that everyone should sing to their livers everyday!!! Out of the mouth of babes.


Update, Mid-March 2013: June received a new liver in March 2013! Her mother, Jill, expresses deep appreciation for all who have been part of June’s support team. She also reports that “things are all still going smoothly with June! Vitals still good, and she is doing pretty well. CT and EEG are all still good. Some small, average post-op issues, but none anyone is terribly concerned with at the moment (drainage, couple levels out of whack here and there) but all average things that happen after a major surgery and manageable.”

“One REALLY cool number though!!!!! Her Billirubin count (the stuff that makes her yellow). Pre-op was at 85. Today. TWENTY!!!! She has not been lower than 30 in over a year. Yup, the new liver is working!!!!!!! YAY NEW LIVER!!!!!”

Update, 20 March 2013: Following the transplant, tests showed that June had a virus from the new liver. This was serious for someone with a compromised immune system. Tests were run to determine the number of circulating virus particles. June’s Aunt Roz wrote to the prayer list, sharing the concerns, and asking for healing support. The test came back negative. Her doctors asked for the test to be repeated on a new sample because the initial tests had indicated that the virus was present. The second one came back negative as well. Her doctors were perplexed, but as June’s Aunt Roz wrote, “They don't know about singing away viruses!” Fortunately, June does....

These stories will inspire you to imagine your own healing:

You can release guilt for things from long ago!

Michelle was facing laparoscopic surgery to remove scar tissue. Michelle went into a very strong emotional reaction, recalling a trauma with an abortion she had had several years earlier. Beneath the trauma was guilt. She was able to release the emotions that had been stored in her body, making it possible for her to imagine herself feeling calm and living a happy life teaching fitness.

While you can’t unhappen history, you can get over fear!

Donna was anticipating a procedure considered by the medical community to be very minor surgery but was experiencing severe anxiety. During her Imagine Healing™ presurgical session, we identified the source of the anxiety as fear about difficulty getting an IV started.

She told me that she was said to have a condition referred to as “wiggly vein syndrome.” She told me about a very painful memory related to a previous surgery. After repeated attempts to start the IV failed, she had to be taken into the OR, and an incision had to be made creating a direct line to her vein. Upon further exploration, the source of her anxiety seemed to have originated during the illness and death of her father, an event that had occurred almost 20 years prior. Her father had died from kidney failure when his veins failed to be able to support the dialysis.

We used her presurgical support session specifically for her to imagine a successful starting of the IV. She imagined hearing the nurse say, “It’s in,” and her own response, “No kidding? It really is in? That quickly? I did not even feel it.”

We arranged for me to join her in the pre-op area and to be there to help her relax before the IV was to be started. We explained her goal to the nurse and told her what I would be doing. When my client was relaxed, I gave the nurse a cue and she began to prep the woman’s arm.

Although I had often heard positive reports from Imagine Healing, I was absolutely astounded when a few moments later the nurse and my client used almost the exact words that had been established by my client earlier!

Her thank-you card spoke volumes about the benefits of Imagine Healing: “Thanks so much for what you did for me before my surgery and the day of the surgery—it was the best experience I ever had concerning a hospital surgery. Thanks again.”

Great changes can come from challenges!

Repetitive colors or phrases can provide valuable information to assist the person in healing more than simply recovering from the physical surgery or illness. Phyllis associated the color blue with each image that came to her. Upon further exploration, she recognized that the color blue was associated with her being in comfortable clothing—such as in a well-worn pair of blue jeans.

Blue is sometimes identified with issues of the throat chakra and being able to speak the truth without blame or shame. By asking why her body might be so focused on this image as part of her healing, she was able to recognize and resolve a very intense internal conflict. For some time, she had been fearful of sharing with her husband her desire to leave her formal work situation and to be able to work out of their home.

This awareness allowed Phyllis to experience sufficient confidence to initiate that discussion with her husband. Their solid plans for her new lifestyle resulted. Her new situation was healing not only to her body, but also to her emotions and her relationship.

Fears and anxieties can be removed, too....

Jane had recently lost her partner to cancer. When a routine breast exam revealed a lump, the need for an incisional biopsy generated a great deal of fear for her. Debra used a variety of techniques that allowed Jane to relax before and during surgery. To help ensure a continued level of comfort following the procedure, Debra used guided imagery to attach Jane’s fears and anxieties to the tissue that was removed during the surgery. Jane sent a thank-you card following the surgery expressing deep appreciation for being able to remain relaxed throughout the procedure and her recovery period.

You can imagine other areas of your life healing as well.

Pamela was facing abdominal surgery for pelvic repair that would affect her uterus and fallopian tubes. The trauma of the surgery included an ongoing inability to conceive. Pamela and her husband had also been in the adoption process for six years without receiving a child. The image for her long-term healing goal included “holding the baby” and the idea that she had been waiting a long time and that it had been worth the wait. Two months after successful surgery, she sent a card announcing the adoption of a baby boy.

Relaxation is the result as your past traumas are released....

James was going to have surgery. His mom had purchased Huddleston’s book and tape (Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster), and although he said he was not afraid, she was having difficulty getting him to listen to the tape. Debra explained the value of the Pre- and Postsurgical Support session and that, although time was short, she would be glad to speak to him. Debra began by saying that she understood from his mother that he was feeling confident and was looking forward to having the benefit of the surgery.

Debra then asked, “If there were anything that you were still nervous about, what might that be?” He said he was concerned about the pain afterwards and that he was afraid of needles. He said it was not the pain of the shot but that he had a history of nearly passing out at the thought of a needle.

Debra reframed the pain to discomfort by asking him what color represented the pain. He said it was black. She asked him to breathe and notice what color it would rather be. He said, “Green. The color of grass.” She asked him where in his body he had this sensation of green, and he said that it was in his chest. He said he experienced his chest as feeling different, tingly but not really tingling.

Debra then asked about the fear of needles he had had. His most recent encounter had been when he was in high school, and he had had another when he was about 12. With additional questioning, he said that the original trauma was when he was 3 years old and hospitalized with pneumonia. Starting with the most recent trauma and going back to the first, Debra did a Fast Phobia Cure. Afterwards, he could picture himself getting a shot and feeling comfortable rather than queasy.

James spontaneously associated into an image with a field and waterfall ... and said he knew he would be OK.

When you relax more, those who love you relax more, too!

Jim was understandably fearful when he learned that he required open-heart surgery to repair a leaky valve (the result of a congenital defect). Debra had Jim’s wife join him for the session, since she had a lot of fear as well. When Jim said, “I’m looking forward to having the problem corrected, but I’m not looking forward to the surgery,” Debra used the Magic But: “So, you’re not looking forward to the surgery, but you’re looking forward to having the problem corrected. What will you be able to do when the problem is corrected?” James and his wife wanted to be healthier for their grandchildren. After the session, James wrote, “The surgical support has put my mind at ease.” The pivotal point in his session had been the “Magic But.” For more information, see “Medical Magic Through Language” at www.SurgicalSupport.info, a free handout for physicians and others in that field.

Painful beliefs are able to be replaced by better memories.

Patty liked the idea of using her surgery as a time to heal from any belief or thought that she felt had had an adverse effect on her life. She said, “I have always had the sense that my mother does not love me.” She responded well to the presupposition that her healing would include her relationship with her mother. After the session, she sent a card that read, “I now almost look forward to the surgery. I will not only lose the cyst, but also a lot of baggage I’ve been carrying for all those years. For the first time in a long time, I’ve been able to remember some good times with my mother.”

Interestingly, during the follow-up call, Patty told Debra she remembered that there was something else being removed along with the cyst but she was not able to recall what it was. Debra just responded, “Well, obviously, you are a lot happier without it, whatever it was.”

When parents are more relaxed, children do much better.

Peter’s infant son was facing major surgery to bring the testes down, to reroute the urethra, and to reposition muscle to provide lower abdominal support. Surgical support for the infant was focused on the parent as surrogate. Children do better when the parent feels calm and confident. Although Peter’s son was receiving a great deal of prayerful support, Peter had a lot of anxiety about the surgery. During the presurgical support session, Peter identified successful surgery and recovery with the colors purple and orange, “like a warm sunset.” When Peter drove home following the session, he saw a purple and orange sunset in his rearview mirror and took that as a sign that the surgery would be successful. Both Peter and his son did well before, during, and after the surgery.

Emotional needs can very important for doing well.

Janet had crushed her finger. She had no family in the area and had never been hospitalized. By chance, Debra took her to the hospital. When surgery was required, the surgeon granted permission for Debra to be present to help keep Janet calm and relaxed. Although outside normal hospital procedure, the surgeon recognized the value of having Janet’s emotional needs addressed even as he performed the surgery. Afterwards he told Debra, “If I ever need surgery, I would be proud to have you hold my hand.”

A second opinion may be helpful for some people.

Ruth’s oncologist in her hometown wanted her to have chemotherapy and radiation at the same time. She thought that the recommended treatment might be too hard on her physically, so she went to a university hospital two hours away for a second opinion. The oncologist in Chicago agreed with her and recommended radiation first to be followed by the chemotherapy. The physician in her hometown was unwilling to use that protocol. Ruth was faced with having to choose a protocol she felt would be too taxing and treatment at the university hospital. She didn’t want to burden the friends and family members who would have to drive her. Her fear of being a burden was reframed as the opportunity to spend four hours of one-on-one time with the people she loved the most. She identified the friends with whom she wanted to spend the time and completed both the radiation and the chemotherapy at the facility in Chicago. She recovered well.

Sometimes things go so much better than expected!

When Betty broke her ankle, the emergency room X-ray revealed a fracture that would probably need pinning. The initial treatment was to put the ankle in a cast, and Betty was scheduled to return for the surgery. Debra did an intervention with her, and while Betty was home her children—twin sons only 2 years old and her 6 year-old daughter—daily did energy healing on her ankle! Two weeks later, a new X-ray revealed that healing had occurred, and the surgery was delayed. After another two weeks, another X-ray revealed additional healing so no surgery to pin the ankle was necessary after all!

Relax enough to get the best night’s sleep in months....

Fred, the first client with whom Debra conducted an evening telephone session, had a little difficulty hanging up but managed that and later reported the best night’s sleep that he had had in months. He came through his gall bladder surgery without complications and reported feeling relaxed and comfortable throughout the process.

Story can be very powerful.

Susan had difficulty relaxing and expressed feeling a lot of tension in her body. While receiving integrated bodywork and guided imagery, she recalled having heard the story that she was so oxygen-deprived at birth (a form of birth trauma) that her father had said, “You were so blue you were black. I thought they had brought the wrong baby.” Although Susan had no conscious memory of this, her body carried the trauma. Ongoing bodywork with soothing guided imagery allowed her to learn to relax and breathe more deeply.

Support now can help you get over past challenges.

Jerry was struggling with complications from Crohn’s Disease and trying desperately to avoid surgery. His first surgery had taken place when he was in his late teens, overseas in the military, alone, afraid, and without support. Using guided imagery with him allowed him to heal not only the present, but also the past by helping him focus on the support of friends and family through the current surgery. The surgery went well, and he has recovered nicely—and gained a new sense of confidence and community.

See possibilities where you had seen only problems.

Jennifer was distraught after having received a diagnosis of cancer. When she called to make an appointment for presurgical support, Debra used a powerful metaphor, “When you cut your finger, it knows what to do to heal.... Even though this had seemed different and much more difficult, the process is the same. Your body knows how to heal—it’s just like riding a bicycle; once you learn, you always know how.” Metaphors are a form of guided imagery that allow your mind to see possibilities where it had seen only problems.

Guided imagery helps with organ transplants!

Diane had received a kidney transplant, but the kidney was showing signs of being rejected by Diane’s body. Her physician told her to put her hand on her body over her kidney and say, “I know it is a bit scary to be yanked out of a familiar body and plunked into one you don’t know, but you are safe where you are, and a lot of people are doing everything we can to help you adjust. We need you to just settle in—find what is the same here and just relax, knowing that you are helping one now just like you used to help the other.” Within 24 hours, Diane’s new kidney had settled in, and the transplant was successful.

Postsurgical nausea can be eliminated.

Sarah was experiencing severe nausea following abdominal surgery, and the medication was not helping. Debra told her a story about alleviating nausea by using acupressure points and aromatherapy. Debra told her that her massage lotion contained the right combination of ingredients and said that she would use it while holding her acupressure points. Debra used the lotion while doing a hand massage. She held the acupressure points while making sure that Sarah could smell the lotion. The nausea Sarah had been experiencing dissipated within minutes.

Sharing your story in a safe environment can bring relief.

Barbara was facing a relatively minor surgery but was having a tremendous amount of anxiety. The surgery was to remove some scar tissue on an ovary that had resulted from a tubular pregnancy. By asking a simple embedded question, “I’m wondering if you have had just the one pregnancy,” Debra discovered a tremendous amount of unresolved emotion around an abortion. Debra’s question allowed Barbara to share her story. Sharing our stories in a safe environment creates immense relief from the emotional trauma. It is much healthier to go into the surgery free from the heavy burden of guilt.

Jane Foster uses guided imagery to heal herself!

Jane Foster was being treated for liver sarcoma. Her surgeon decided that she was too emotionally at risk to endure another surgery and suggested that she seek a “holistic healer” to help her with the emotional stresses of her illness. Two years earlier, a friend had given her Debra’s name, but holistic therapies were not in her belief system until her surgeon recommended them. Over a decade later, Jane tells her amazing healing story in a brief video: Jane’s Story

Nancy Imagined Healing Over the Years

When Nancy was five years old, her mother died. Nearly 50 years later she was able to Imagine Healing by recognizing she had been blessed to have three mothers: her own mother (shown holding her in the photo on the left), her aunt with whom Nancy went to live while her father finished medical school, and the woman who became another mother after marrying Nancy’s father. Because you can imagine both past and future, it is as though “it is never too late to have a happy childhood.”

Nancy has gone on to be a very active volunteer, assisting others who are in need of healing. In ways we often can only recognize sometimes much later, every experience, even those that are difficult, provide rich opportunities for profound healing.