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Using Guided Imagery to Help You Heal

Whether for yourself or another, as you take the next right step for your healing, you may wish to enjoy a preview of this information.

We want you to see for yourself the value of both the step-by-step guidebook and the companion audio files before you buy Imagine Healing: Using Guided Imagery to Help You Heal™.

You can be confident that these materials will enable you to use appropriate guided imagery to promote healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Imagine Healing Manual: You may now purchase the Imagine Healing manual from the Amazon Kindle store (for reading on your Kindle device or Kindle app) or from SmashWords (in epub, mobi, PDF, RTF, lrf, pdb, txt, and HTML formats). Please use the links below to go directly to those sites to purchase the Imagine Healing manual.

Preview the Manual: Guided Imagery to Help You Heal

Please note that downloading the PDF preview of the manual requires Adobe Acrobat, a free software program from Adobe.

Imagine Healing: Guided Imagery to Help You Heal: This set contains both the audio files for the trance induction by Debra using the “Heart Chakra Meditation” by Karunesh as background music, and the music alone (with healing statements by Joel) designed for use during surgery, chemotherapy, dialysis, or other extended medical procedures. This audio set is a powerful tool, especially when used in conjunction with the techniques described in the training manual for this program. Heart Chakra Meditation is used by permission, production rights and copyrights 2008 (1992) Karunesh Music, publishing rights Global Spirit Music KM001.

Debra Basham: Imagine Healing: Guided Imagery to Help You Heal
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Preview the Audio: To listen to a brief sample of the audio before you purchase, click on the “Play” button:

If you have a problem with the audio player, download the sample to your computer. When the new page appears, use “Save Page As” on the file menu to save the MP3 file.

Pre- and Postsurgical Support is also available as a CD set (without the step-by-step manual) for $25, plus shipping. To purchase that CD, as well as our other guided imagery CDs, be sure to visit the SCS website.